Images of America : Milford
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Images of America : Milford

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Marilyn Lovell and Anne Lamontagne, both members of the Milford Historical Commission, and Deborah Eastman, Milford Town Library's Curran Collection librarian, have selected vintage images from their respective archives to honor the past of this early American town.
In 1670, Puritan pioneers colonized the Nipmuck Indian territory that would develop into the town of Milford, officially incorporated in 1780. Its advantageous location between the Mill and Charles Rivers created a convenient commercial center. By 1850, major railway lines traversed routes to Boston and New York, enabling Milford to develop the largest boot-and-shoe industry in the nation. When pink granite was discovered in the late 1800s, Milford's stone business boomed. The quarries and factories attracted skilled European immigrants who made the area home. The community grew, establishing cultural commitments to education, music, and athletics. Dr. Joseph E. Murray, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, and Col. Alexander Scammell, a hero of the Revolutionary War, were both sons of Milford. Today, Milford continues to prosper with successful businesses like Consigli Construction, Archer Rubber, and Waters Corporation. The town is also noted for the Milford Regional Medical Center, which ranks as a premier facility in New England.