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Daphnis & Chloe - Aegean Isle Oregano

Daphnis & Chloe - Aegean Isle Oregano

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These whole oregano blossoms come from small organic farms on the Eastern Aegean islands. While the classic, all-purpose Oregano from Taygetus grows throughout the mountains, this less common variety, Origanum Onites, prospers near the sea. When sourced from the right places, it has a rich herbal and citrusy flavor, making it an exceptional finishing oregano. Our selection is harvested by hand, dried naturally, and sorted in-house at Daphnis and Chloe.

Tingling and herbaceous, this is one of the most remarkable finishing oreganos you’ll find out there, yet, nowadays, only a handful of farmers cultivate it. The reason why such a unique herb remains so little known is a mystery! The sorting process is very labor intensive: the leaves and flowers are delicately separated from the stems by hand to prevent them from being crushed. The purpose? To preserve the oregano’s powerful aromas until you need to use it.

The best way to use whole herbs is to crumble them right before use: take a pinch of Aegean Isle Oregano in your hand, and crush it with your palms or fingers. 1 tsp is enough for seasoning a standard bowl of Greek salad.

The citrusy flavor of our Aegean Isle Oregano pairs nicely with olive oil when sprinkled over grilled veggies, briny fish such as sardines, feta cheese, or soft goat cheese. The islanders typically use it for marinating oven-roasted goat, a typical delicacy in many parts of rural Greece. 

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